The Internet Helps Pay The Vet Bills For A Service Dog To A Boy With Autism

Service dogs have such an important job that goes above and beyond just being a friend to their person. They are everything to the people they help. And 6-year-old Caspian means the whole world to his 13-year-old owner, Gavin. Gavin is a young boy who lives with seizures and is nonverbal. Caspian’s main job is to alert his family whenever Gavin is about to experience a seizure. However, the pup is also a wonderful companion as he’s brought soothing energy to Gavin. Whenever Gavin is feeling anxious, Caspian is right there to ease the tension. The dog has even helped to promote a more social side of Gavin and has even helped him to begin talking!

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Caspian very quickly proved that he was a major blessing to Gavin and his family, which is why it was such a shock when the pooch began to show signs of having health problems. The family was very concerned when Caspian began to get nosebleeds. Worst yet, around this time, Gavin’s seizures started to ramp up their frequency. 

Photo: FOX 5

The family was desperate to get their beloved Caspian help, and so they took him to several emergency veterinarians and specialists. They were determined to get to the root of the cause of Caspian’s troubles and get him the help he needed. 

Because of Caspian’s health problems, the pup lost his ability to predict Gavin’s seizures. Meanwhile, his family is waiting for the pathology report following a biopsy done on the dog’s nasal cavity. The question remains as to whether or not the cause of the nose bleeds will be found. But regardless, the family still faces an extensive number of vet bills, including one that is $5,000 alone! 

Photo: FOX 5

Fortunately for the family, after Caspian’s story began to make the rounds, many people stepped up with donations. On a GoFundMe page set up for Caspian’s care, they managed to raise more than $10,000 from some kind-hearted strangers. This has been a major help on Gavin’s family. 

In the meantime, there is still a lot that Gavin relies on Caspian for. Even though the dog can’t detect seizures at the moment, he’s still a major help to the young boy as a companion and a source of joy. And that is the kind of loyalty and love that we greatly admire our dogs for. Hopefully, Caspian will make a full recovery.

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