The Oldest Golden Retriever In History Celebrates Her Birthday

Getting old isn’t easy. Even our dogs have to go through the aging process. Every year older is a major milestone. And one Tennessee dog made history with her age.

August, lovingly nicknamed Augie, made history back in April when she turned an impressive 20 years old. According to Golden Hearts Retrievers Rescue Augie became the oldest golden retriever alive – not an easy feat. 

Augie is owned by Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt. They rescued the precious pooch when she was already 14-years-old. The happy family lives in Oakland, Tennessee. In order to celebrate her history birthday, Augie was treated to an edible carrot cake. She also got to have a party with her siblings, Sherman, Belle, and Bruce.

As her owner Jennifer shared, Augie might be old, but she’s quite healthy for her age. The owner proudly revealed that the canine can still get up and walk around on her own – although it takes her a little while. Augie is still able to make daily walks around the yard. Jennifer did mention that when they rescued the dog she was diagnosed with kidney problems. But she’s on a prescription diet as well as supplements. 

Jennifer also stated that Augie receives SQ fluids twice a week. She’s said that this “has helped her perk up quite a bit.”

According to Golden Hearts, on average most golden retrievers live between 10-12 years. The most that they’ve ever lived has been 15 years old. Golden Hearts has also listed suggestions for helping your dog to live longer, such as taking your dog regularly to the vet, feeding them quality food, grooming them, and regularly exercising them. 

Speaking of dogs, Jennifer stated, “We care for them as long as we have them and love them forever.”

It’s everything that dog owners know to be true. Happy Belated Birthday, Augie!

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