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Regular daily walks are a crucial part of keeping your dog calm and balanced, so what do you do when you can’t keep your dog under control on the walk? Try Cesar’s new Pack Leader Collar! When used correctly, it can be an effective tool for restoring peace for both of you.

The Problem With Other Collars

If you watch a sled dog pulling a load, you’ll notice that their harness fits around the base of the neck and shoulder girdle. Why? Because those are the strongest muscles in the dog’s neck; it’s where all her pulling strength is concentrated.

A typical collar also sits at this same spot, so it, too, helps your dog to pull a load — you! Instead of helping you regain control, the collar is actually making your dog more effective at yanking you along for the ride.

How the Pack Leader Collar Fixes the Problem

The Pack Leader collar sits farther up, at the top of the neck, where it’s most sensitive. This keeps the slip collar placed where it’s most effective at giving you control. Your dog will be more responsive to your movements, even smaller ones, making it easier for you to communicate and get the reaction you want.

Of course, you can’t just put on the collar and expect a quick fix. It’s also important that you understand how to use the tool correctly.

Attach a Short Leash

Longer leashes give dogs more leeway to roam and pull. You want to keep your dog close by your side, where you have more control. The recommended leash length is between 36 to 48” (91 to 122 cm), depending on the size of your dog.

Give Quick, Firm Corrections

As mentioned, the leash is designed to make this process easier, keeping the collar in the correct spot for corrections. The key is to respond immediately to the negative behavior, and keep it fast and simple. Don’t give multiple corrections or react by pulling wildly — this can just feed the behavior instead.

Keep Your Dog’s Head Up

Don’t let your pup get distracted by smells on the ground. Instead, use the leash to keep his focus straight ahead where you are leading him. This helps keep the focus on you, the pack leader.

Maintain Calm-Assertive Energy

This is, after all, the most powerful tool available to you!

Put an end to the pulling and make your dog walk even more enjoyable, get your Pack Leader Collar today.

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