Therapy Dog Hands Out Business Cards To Everyone He Meets

Dogs are more than capable of holding down employment, just like us humans. And one adorable pooch is showing that he is not only a wonderful therapy dog, but he’s got a savvy business side as well. Benji is an adorable Labrador who works as a therapy dog, but he’s also got quite a set of networking skills on him. 

This adorable therapy pooch, along side his owner Russell Peck, spend their days making visits to schools, hospitals, and nursing homes where they bring joy to the patients they say hello to. He and Peck have been doing this for five years, and they enjoy their work immensely. But there is also something quite adorable about Benji’s trips to see patients. The adorable pup brings with him business cards to distribute incase anyone needs a little extra love in the future – that way they have a way to remember him or get in touch.

The adorable pup gets some help with his business cards. His owner is the one behind the designs, making them all himself on his computer. Peck then prints them out so that Benji has something to give his patients on his visits. Teamwork makes dream work!  

The business cards are simple and feature a photo of Benji on the front of them. From there, it goes on to say, “My name is Benji. I hope my visit has brightened your day.” There is more writing on the back of the card, which is just more information about Benji as well as Benji’s family. But the business cards aren’t the only way that Benji keeps up with any members of the public. Benji also has a Facebook page of his own. Of course, it always falls to Peck to help the pooch keep his page up to date with pictures and posts about his various visits. 

Benji is quite good at his job as a therapy dog. The canine seems to understand anxiety, having suffered from it himself! When Benji had anxiety, he was placed into obedience classes where he was given an outlet for his excessive energy, as well as learning how to battle his anxiety. Upon completion of his obedience classes, Benji was enrolled in a Therapy Dog training program where he proved to be a total natural at it. 

Peck has shared with The Dodo that Benji is often met with plenty of positivity and kindness when he visits people. He’s even had several people approach him years after having interacted with Benji just to tell Peck that they still carry his business cards with them – how sweet is that? No doubt this pup has a true gift for what he does. What do you think? Let us know!

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