Therapy Dog Picks Out A Different Toy Every Night

If you were to walk into any home with a dog, chances are you’ll find a basket or box tucked away somewhere in a room or communal area that is full of dog toys. As dog owners, we love to spoil our pups. It’s impossible not to go into the pet store to buy them food without also walking out a new toy for them. They just get so happy upon seeing us wave a brand-new fuzzy squeak toy in their face. And we love catching their wholesomely jovial reactions. It’s a mutual joy for all involved. 

But there is one household where one toy box is simply not enough. For one therapy dog, toys are life. And this sweet pup certainly has a lot of them – they take up multiple toy boxes! But even more impressive than the number of toys that this 3-year-old pup has, is the fact that she also has an incredibly cute nightly routine surrounding her toys. 

Photo: Instagram

To the outside observer, Mojito might seem like a dog who has been spoiled rotten with so many toys. But she’s not spoiled – she has room in her heart for each and every single toy she owns. She’s even proven that she doesn’t mind sharing some of her toys as well, allowing her cat buddy, Vader, to enjoy one on occasion! 

Photo: Instagram

But what makes Mojito so endearing is her precious nighttime ritual. Every single night before she goes to sleep, this pup needs to bring a toy to bed with her. But not just any old toy will do the trick. It has to be a specific one. And the specificity of the toy is all up to Mojito. She will only be satisfied when she’s found the one the strikes her fancy. However, given the number of toys she has, this task can be a bit of a challenge. It also means that Mojito spends a fair bit of time rummaging and emptying out all the toy boxes in the home until she comes across the one that she wants…we can only hope that she’s mastered the art of picking up after herself!

When Mojito finally finds her chosen toy for the evening, she takes it upstairs with her. There it will remain until she’s ready to bring it back down with the rest of the toys. If someone tries to move it, she will put up a fuss and bring it right back to where she had it. How cute is that? She’s been doing the same thing for well over a year now and there seems to be no stopping in sight. Dogs are just too pure for this world sometimes. Luckily for the rest of social media, her owners love to capture her on camera getting up to her nightly antics!

Check out some of her pictures below:

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

What do you think of Mojito and her toy collection? Let us know!

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