This Campground Was Designed Specifically For Dogs And Their Owners

It has been confirmed: heaven is indeed a place on Earth. And that heavenly place is the 4 Paws Kingdom Campground & Dog Retreat, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. This magical place, which is more like a dog spa and retreat, consists of 9 fenced-in dog parks and playgrounds – one of these being reserved only for those dogs under 20 pounds – as well as a large dog pond, 16 acres of trails, a nice creek, and an agility course dog park.

The camping season commences in April and goes on until the end of November when the retreat closes up for the season.

Dogster claims that the retreat is the proud concept executed by the Bartoscheks, who are extremely proud of the work they’ve done in bringing to fruition a place that caters to dog owners and their pets.

As Bartoschek commented, “Over the years, we have seen people and dogs cultivate lasting friendships, and we have become a meeting point for dog lovers from around the country. It makes us proud to be an integral part in the lives of so many people.”

Of course, while it’s a wonderland for all dog owners and their dogs, there are still some basic rules that apply, most importantly, all dogs must be kept on a leash when outside your car, as well as they need to be properly cleaned up after.

The location of the campgrounds is for adults only. The rates accommodate up to 4 dogs at a time, with each extra dog being $4 per night. In addition, the park reserves the right to limit the number of dogs per campsite or rental unit. If you are wondering about the pet restrictions and how they apply, you can call (828) 287-7324 and get more information.

Check out some of their pictures below:

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