Three Dogs In The Mountains Refused To Be Rescued Until A Woman Earned Their Trust

For those of us who are animal lovers, we’ve probably had one or two instances so far where we’ve stepped in and helped to rescue a dog in need. But how far are we willing to go when we know that there is an animal in need?

Veronica Shea proved that she would stop at nothing to help rescue three dogs who were abandoned on the side of a mountain in the Angeles National Forest. Shea first came across the three Cane Corsos while on a hike with her own dog. While on the trail, she turned around just in time to notice a black shadow fleeing up the mountain side. That is when Shea had a closer look and realized it was a dog!

She followed the black dog, eventually approaching its hideout where she noticed that there were two other black dogs. All three large Cane Corsos were extremely thin and malnourished. The woman tried to get them to follow her to her car with a little bit of food, but they refused to follow her. Each time that she tried to get close to them, the skittish animals would run off. But she didn’t want to leave them there to die. 

Shea figured that the best she could do was to leave the dogs with some food and water, then return the next day with a plan. Once she’d left the dogs, she called the local animal control for help, but all they did was inform her that the terrain was dangerous and to “stop calling” them. Disappointed but not deterred, Shea knew that it was up to her to rescue the dogs herself. 

She went back the following day, armed with food and water. Her dad even joined her. He gave the three black dogs the names, Gracie, Steve, and George. Shea continued a daily ritual, returning to the mountain side to feed the dogs and slowly gain their trust. Almost an entire month passed before the dogs trusted her enough to eat straight from her hands. But even with that, they refused to let her catch them. As she shared The Dodo, “For 3 weeks, we would spend at least 2-3 hours a day feeding them up there.”

By this point, the weather began to take a turn. Over this time of feeding the dogs, Shea had gathered herself a small number of volunteers who helped to create makeshift shelter for the dogs to escape the snow and freezing temperatures. 

But the best news was yet to follow when local rescues, along with a dog search and rescue group, got involved with Shea’s mission. They came up with a food trap idea to help get the dogs to safety. And thankfully, it worked! The dogs were trapped in a crate and the team were able to safely get them down the mountain side. As Shea recalled, she spent the entire trip down the mountain weeping with relief. 

It was the Deity Animal Rescue group who then took in the three pups and rehabilitated them, preparing them for their forever homes. But it was really thanks to Shea’s initial dedication that got them to the promise of a better life.

Watch the rescue in the video clip below:

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