Three Dogs Work Together To Get Food Off The Kitchen Counter

Dogs are usually well-behaved animals, however, sometimes they get a little bad. And on occasion, this will spill over to their companions. And there is nothing cuter than furry partners-in-crime. My dog and my outdoor cat had a partners-in-crime friendship that was just adorable. They always worked together to get us to drop a scrap or two at dinner time. Besides that, they were always together getting into some kind of trouble – mostly taking naps together in my mom’s lavender plant. 

But there is one adorable trio of dogs who were caught on camera working together in order to pull the wool over their owner’s eyes. The precious pups consisted of two border collies named Harley and Henry, and a little corgi called Hugo. Everyone knows that border collies are pretty clever, so it is no surprise that these two worked together in order to give little Hugo a boost up to the countertop. As it turned out, these Norway-based canine friends were determined to help themselves to some leftover food in the kitchen. But they quickly realized that they needed to execute some teamwork in order to make their dreams come true. 

And when it came to teamwork, these three were quite proficient. In the hilarious video, which was posted to Instagram, by their owner. Line Fatland Frøystad is their owner who also works as a dog trainer. The video that Line captured was of the two border collies giving Hugo the boost that he needed to the countertop. Once up off the ground the little pup noshed on the tasty treats that were left on the countertop. 

As Frøystad shared with SWNS, the corgi was brought up alongside the border collies, meaning that the little corgi – as small as he might be – always wants to do his best to keep up with the bigger dogs. This “keeping up with the big dogs” routine includes theft of any food left out on the kitchen countertops. Frøystad further explained that there was no honor among thieves in this instance since Hugo didn’t dare to share the spoils of the trio’s hard work. 

Check out the video below:

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