Timelapse Video Shows How Much Dogs Move In Their Sleep

Whether they’re human or of the animal variety, babies are at their fussiest come nighttime. I’ve never had a puppy, but I’ve had plenty of kittens throughout the years. And they’re quite feisty little things when the sun goes down. Those razon sharp needles that they have for claws also seem extra abrasive between the hours of midnight and 4 am when you’re trying to sleep. But while I’ve experienced the nighttime troubles of kittens, I’ve heard from friends that puppies can be equally as energetic and fussy about getting comfy during the night. A friend of mine was telling me about the days when their dog was a puppy. My friend’s dog would apparently wake up every hour demanding cuddles and attention. Needless to say, my friend ended up having to use the Ferber Method on her baby in order get them to sleep through the night.  And one family found this out just how fussy little puppies can be, come the wee hours of the night when they adopted an adorable little puppy.

Mike and Stacy opened up their home and their heart to an adorable little 8-month-old pup named Bruno. The little beagle was an angel for everything else except sleep. And the new puppy parents soon found out that they were not going to be getting a good night’s sleep for a long time. Bruno was quite the fussy sleeper. It seemed that he was not one for easily settling down into a nighttime routine. Bruno’s antics of trying to get comfortable at night were keeping the entire family awake. Both Mike and Stacy decided that they were going to record a time lapse video in order to see just how much the little pup fussed during the night. And the results were quite astonishing. It looked like it was taking Bruno all night to find a comfortable spot on the bed. 

Mike ended up sharing the footage to his Facebook, writing, “Bruno the beagle nighttime, time-lapse. This is literally how we sleep every single night with the dog and some nights a kid or 2.” 

You can watch the video clip down below:

Definitely looks like Mike and Stacy have got their hands full. What do you think of little Bruno’s nighttime antics? Let us know!

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