Tiny Chihuahua Picks A Fight With Her Much Bigger Brother

For the most part, puppies are silly little dogs that likee to play around with everyone they meet. This sometimes includes older dogs. Of course, the bigger dogs usually have the advantage over puppies just in sheer size. But that doesn’t mean little puppies don’t try their darndest. It’s always so cute to watch a little puppy trying to go toe to toe with an older, bigger dog. 

It’s actually quite sweet to watch their tenacity as they try to win the play fight that they’re in. Usually, the older or bigger dog just kind of humors the puppy, giving them that look of, “nice try buddy.” 

One such example was the big versus tiny showdown between an American Bulldog and a little Chihuahua pup – who was quite feisty despite his small size. It’s a “fight” that will warm your heart because it shows the great care and fondness that this large dog has for his miniature companion. 

In the video, the little Chihuahua pup is restless and starting up his antics. He wants to play. The lively puppy is ready to play rough, and he doesn’t seem to mind that his opponent would be a fully grown American Bulldog. And even though this big dog is three times his size, he’s still quite gentle. The big dog is just chilling on the ground, not really doing much, when the little pup approaches and round one is in full swing.

The patient pooch allows the little Chihuahua to prove himself a warrior, and gently plays along. He’s quite careful with the little puppy, and you can see that in his actions. He’s actually taking care not to be too rough. Is that not adorable? It’s a great example of how bulldogs aren’t as aggressive as the stereotypes suggest. Instead, this bulldog is clearly quite concerned with the little puppy’s well-being. 

At one point in the video, the little Chihuahua goes after his tail like it’s a chew toy. The little puppy just tugs and tugs on the end of it, but the bulldog doesn’t seem too fussed. He watches the puppy with a look that suggests he knows the puppy is just being a puppy.

Watch these two interact below:

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