Tiny Dog Loves To Dance While Getting His Hair Cut

We all love going to the salon to get our hair done. It was one of the things I missed most over the span of quarantine, besides coffee that wasn’t prepared in my kitchen and bookstores being open. But there is something nice about going and getting your hair done that just makes you feel like a person. Every time I walk out of the salon I feel brand new, expensive, and like I can conquer the world. While that is the average experience for us humans, our dogs have it a little differently when it comes to the salon. 

For most dogs, going to the groomer isn’t exactly their version of “fun.” My dog used to hate going to the groomers because she hated being bathed. The ironic part is that we used to take both our dog and our cat at the same time, and the groomers would always comment that it was our cat who absolutely loved being bathed and groomed. My dog was the one that hated it. She liked the people working there, but she hated what they did to her. I personally think she also despised the fact that they would always put little bows in her hair after she was groomed. Either way, my dog was not unlike many other dogs that didn’t really like being at the groomers. Most dogs will try to run away the second that they see the groomer’s business as you pull up in the parking lot.

But there is a video that proves some dogs actually like being at the groomers. One tiny little Pomeranian was filmed dancing while getting her hair cut. The hilarious video features the little black Pom getting her hair trimmed while some music plays in the background. The upbeat music has got her in such a mood that she begins to bob her head around and sway back and forth in time to the music. It’s so cute that even the groomer is playing along and providing us with quite the laugh.

How cute is this video? Watch it below:

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