Tired Puppy Can’t Help But Fall Asleep On Top Of A Napping Baby

The love that exists between a dog and their human is a wonderful bond that will never be broken. These bonds can sometimes begin early on when both dogs and humans are still young. And those are some of the most gratifying friendships to watch grow. And in the video below, a rescue puppy that had just been adopted into its family showed that it was already pretty comfortable with the youngest member of the family. 

 Callie, a Catahoula-Pit Bull mix, was filmed hanging out the family’s baby. However, the baby was already fast asleep during a nap. The already adorable scene of the two babies together was about to get a whole lot cuter since Callie was beginning to get sleepy herself. She was only three months old, so it made sense that she’d want to take a nap too, especially since she was watching her companion napping.

The little puppy’s eyes started getting really heavy. She was clearly starting to fall asleep, however, she was still on her feet. Slowly the little pup started to get lower and lower as she started falling asleep on her feet and was sinking to the ground. How cute! As she started to settle down, she tried to find a comfortable position. Half asleep, it wasn’t proving easy for Callie to get comfy. Callie first tried sleeping on top of the baby, but when that didn’t work, she tried to settle herself down on the blanket on the ground – head first of course. 

Her owner, the baby’s father, can be heard from behind the camera asking little Callie, “Do you not know how to lay down honey?” 

Not quite sure what to do, Callie ended up opting for a nap directly on the baby’s head. She used her sleeping companion’s head as a pillow. That is when she settled down for a nap. It wasn’t long after she closed her eyes that she ended up dozing off and snoring. Her snores were quite precious little wheezes.

Her owners laugh and then try to wake up the sleeping pup. Callie only briefly stirs in order to change her position and then goes right back to sleep, still on top of the baby’s head. 

Watch the cuteness in the clip below: 

How precious is this version of nap time?

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