Toddler Helps German Shepherd Overcome His Fear Of The Sprinkler

There is a reason that German Shepherds are often employed as working dogs in such fields like the military or law enforcement, or even as service dogs. These dogs aren’t just strong and brave, but they are also extremely intelligent, caring, and loyal. Not only do they make wonderful workers, they’re also wonderful family companions. Because of all these great qualities, I’ve always wanted a German Shepherd dog as a pet. I’m currently renting and don’t have the landlord’s permission, nor the backyard space, to have one. But when I buy a home, I’ll finally be getting myself a rescued German Shepherd. 

And I’m not alone. There are plenty of families who add German Shepherd dogs to their households because they make great pets. And while playing outside with one family’s toddler, one German Shepherd showed off a much more tender side than we’d assume this breed of dog to have. When we think of German Shepherd dogs, we think of them as being completely fearless. But that isn’t always the case – as seen through this one precious pup appears to be afraid of water. 

And if that isn’t adorable enough, he also needs help from his toddler to get over his fear. As a result, the cutest video was created in the process. In the video, the German Shepherd is looking a little hesitant about getting close to the sprinklers. That is understandable. They can be frightening to dogs since they’re such a foreign concept to them. Judging from the fact that they’re eye level with squirting water we can totally understand why they’d not like sprinklers. 

But while most dogs tend to quickly get over this fear, this particular pooch refused to go near it. That meant that it was up to the toddler to set an example and show the dog that everything was ok. The brave little kid marched up to the sprinkler and placed their hand directly in the way of the water stream. The toddler showed the pup that there was nothing to fear. Still, the dog ended up cautiously approaching the little kid in order to make sure that everything was indeed ok. After confirming that the sprinkler didn’t harm his tiny human, the canine eventually gave in and tested it out for himself – sticking his nose directly into the water. 

Guess everything was alright after all!


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