Toddler Lights Up When She Gets Kisses From The Family Dog

Animals are amazing companions that make our lives ten times more awesome. And while all pets are adorable and loving in their own unique ways, dogs are perhaps the most loyal and loving of all the animals. And they certainly are some of the most patient pets out there – quietly sitting through all the tail pulling, tea parties, and dress-up makeovers that they’re subjected to by children. And why exactly do they put up with so much from kids? Because they love them, and they see the kids as their best friends. And that definitely makes them such loyal companions. 

Dogs and kids are such adorable and fun pairings. The two get along like peanut butter and jelly. And when placed in front of a camera together, they always make for memorable and precious footage – just like Tegan and Ralphie. 

Tegan was the world’s luckiest toddler to have such a loyal and loving babysitter in the form of Ralphie, the Newfoundland. This gentle giant was there for the toddler since day one – and he took his job as protector quite seriously. And from the video clip, it seemed that Tegan appreciated all the love and care provided by the big pooch. The adorable little toddler wanted to show Ralphie just how much he’s loved by placing a big, wet kiss on the dog’s cheek.

Naturally, Ralphie was going to reciprocate – something that perhaps Tegan didn’t quite anticipate. And based off the little kid’s reaction, we don’t think that Tegan was expecting the big, fluffy dog to go so ham on the kisses back.

But the little boy learned just what it means to be loved so unconditionally by a dog. Ralphie definitely brought his A-game when it came to returning the smooch given to him by the tiny toddler – he delivered one of those famous slobbery doggie kisses right on Tegan’s face.

The little toddler squealed and reacted to it, stepping back but still giggling. Then, it turned into a game between the two as Tegan went back for a second round of licks from Ralphie. 

The bond that these two share is clearly one that is quite strong. And no doubt as he grows up, Tegan will have the most loyal best friend by his side making sure that he grows up happy and knowing how much he is loved – even if the doggie kisses are quite slobbery!

Watch these two interact below:

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