Tough-Looking Rescue Bulldog Loves To Cuddle With Kittens

Bulldogs often get the reputation of being these really tough, borderline mean, dogs. But that is the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, anyone who has ever owned a bulldog will tell you that they’re some of the sweetest and most gentle dogs around. And one five-year-old rescue bulldog proved that he’s the biggest softie around.

Pickles the Bulldog is a walking teddy bear. And that side of his personality was great news for the kittens that his owner ended up fostering since it meant that they had an enthusiastic cuddle buddy.

The kittens, James and Jacobi, were a rescued pair of brothers taken in by Alley Cat Rescue – an organization in California that is dedicated to trapping, spay/neutering, rehabilitating, and re-homing stray cats.

Speaking about the two brothers, Alley Cat Rescue volunteers told Love Meow, “They were quite sick but the sweetest little guys.”

James and Jacobi were a tightly bonded pair, having had only each other to rely on for comfort during their days on the street. But despite having been all alone, they were exceptionally sweet and enjoyed the company of others.

As the rescue explained, “They are always cuddling. They love people, dogs and each other.”

But these little cuddle bugs certainly met their match in Pickles. The big bad Bulldog definitely showed these kittens that he can cuddle like the best of them. The kittens and canine ended up creating an adorable little trio that spends their days cuddling when they’re not playing together. And Pickles proved himself to be a very caring, patient, and loving foster parent to the brothers.

The rescue added, “James and Jacobi are best friends who want to spend every moment together and don’t mind when the other lays on their head. Cuddle piles are their specialty and they will gladly show you the way.”

Pickles caring nature really helped the kittens to become confident and happy cats. In fact, two weeks after they were taken into foster care with Pickles, the brothers ended up finding their forever home.

Alley Cat Rescue made the happy announcement saying, “We are so happy these two sweet cuddly boys get to spend the rest of their lives together in a wonderful home.”

Pickles has his own Instagram that you can follow for more of his doggie adventures. For now, you can check out the adorable video of him and his time with James and Jacobi below:

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