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Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training 2


Experience the Next Level: Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training 2

As a graduate of Fundamentals 1, we invite you to go beyond the foundation and into the core values of pack leadership, focusing on energy and intention. This hands-on program puts you at center stage, working with dogs in real-life scenarios under Cesar Millan’s personal guidance. You will learn to master each situation using your own energy and body language — going beyond your comfort zone and learning how to be calm and assertive. 

As part of this transformative program, Cesar challenges students to collaborate with shelter dogs form the Los Angeles area. Each dog is carefully selected by his training team and does not meet Cesar before the start of the workshop. This aspect of the program provides a unique opportunity for you to assess and evaluate behavior, working together to achieve meaningful behavior goals. 

To ensure an optimal learning experience, student dogs are not invited to attend. This deliberate choice allows you to fully engage in a diverse range of dog behaviors and challenges that may not have otherwise presented themselves. 

The impact of your time spent with Cesar extends beyond personal growth. The shelters we collaborate with report remarkable adoption rates thanks to the techniques and knowledge shared during our program. Your participation directly contributes to saving more lives and creating a brighter future for dogs in need.

In the four-day Fundamentals 2 program, you will

Each day of the program follows a similar schedule, ensuring that every student receives personal attention and the opportunity to explore new horizons

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Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training 2