Two Doggie Pals Reunite After A Month Apart

We’ve all been inside for quite some time, and cooped up with us have been our faithful pets. Emotions have been running all over the place as we’ve all had to make adjustments to get used to the unusual amount of time that we’ve been spending inside trying to help our healthcare workers flatten the curve. Even our pets have felt the sting of staying indoors.

And one dog showed the world in an adorable clip just how emotional things can get when a dog sees her best doggie friend after a whole month of social distancing. The video was shared to TikTok where it received an understandably emotional response.

The clip was caught on camera by Stefani Maryn, who filmed a black Labrador mix named Samantha, out and about for a walk. During her adventure, she noticed her best friend Baldur, on the other side of the street. Naturally, she couldn’t contain her excitement.

Immediately, Samantha begins to back and tug her owner in the direction of Bladur – who was out for a walk with Liesl, his owner.

The canine pair were briefly reunited, and it was incredibly touching to watch them excitedly bark at one another, as well as boop each other’s noses.

Photo: Stefani Atkinson

Stefani, who resides in Hamilton, Ontario, spoke to the Daily Mail, explaining that the two canines were “soulmates” and Samantha’s favorite activity is “leaning in and licking Bladur’s face” during their walks together – how cute!

Their relationship isn’t just confined to their walks together, in the past, Samantha has helped Baldur in the past with a particularly stressful situation. As Stefani said to the media outlet, Baldur experienced some stress and fright from fireworks – which lead to the dog hiding in terror beneath the garden deck.

Baldur refused to come out – eventually leading Liesl to call Stefani for help. Or, more accurately, calling Stefani to bring over Samantha for help. The dog was the only one who could coax Baldur out from under the deck.

Normally, these two dogs spend a lot of time together, but because of the coronavirus and the subsequent social distancing and stay-at-home orders, they haven’t been able to spend any time together. This chance meeting was their first in a month! And the raw emotion of their reunion certainly brings a tear to even the most stoic of eyes.

As Stefani said to the Daily Mail, “I was out for a run the day before and bumped into Liesl and Baldur on their walk. We both commented how excited Samantha would be to see Baldur [and] the very next day when I was walking Samantha during my lunch hour from work, I could see Baldur and Liesl walking towards us.”

She added, “We laughed about what a coincidence the reunion was, and how excited they were to see each other, as we predicted. The overwhelming reception of this video has been beautiful. While neither of us expected such a large response, we are thrilled that their reunion and friendship has brought joy and been relatable during this difficult time.”

Watch how happy these two besties are to see one another in the video below:


#missyou #dogbffs

♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

If the video is showing for you, view it here.


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