Two Golden Retrievers And A Husky Care For A Litter Of Newborn Kittens

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and three dogs came together to help raise a litter of orphaned kittens. And the results were just precious.

The little kittens were so young, that their eyes weren’t even fully opened at the time. Still, a husky and two golden retrievers were there to help take care of them. Their owner had to feed the kittens through an eyedropper.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

These kittens were too young to be separated from their mother, yet it was unknown how these kittens ended up without the care of their mother. Regardless, the kittens were lucky, as the three dogs and their kind human really stepped up to care for the teeny tiny babies.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

Despite being large dogs, it was clear that they were more than gentle with the babies. The three of them would take their job of surrogate parents quite seriously, constantly keeping an eye on them, as well as frequently grooming the kittens. Their calming presences were just what the little fluff balls needed.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

The tender moments were caught on camera, and they definitely melted hearts.

In one moment of the video, you can see the husky gently placing a kitten on his leg for a grooming. And, in another clip, one of the golden retrievers lets a little kitten play around, disappearing behind his fluffy ear.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

The three big dogs proved themselves to be very diligent caretakers, not letting one of the kittens out of their sight or into harm’s way. The litter of kittens were definitely lucky to get three very dedicated foster parents.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

As the kittens grew and started getting bolder in their explorations, the dogs were their every step of the way. And they were always ready to offer the kittens cuddles. Clearly, while this video was more than adorable, it also proved everyone wrong that cats and dogs do not get along – this video proved otherwise.

Be sure to watch it below:

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