Two-Legged Dog Overcomes Disability And Learns To Hop Up The Stairs All By Herself

We never know what hurdles life will throw at us. One day we can be flying high as the envy of all our friends, and the next minute we’re hitting rock bottom. That is why we should be grateful every day that we’ve got our health, a home, a job, and family…because life can easily change within a moment.

Life’s fickleness doesn’t discriminate either. Tragedies and challenges readily affect our pets as well. For one little poodle mix named Cora, her life took an unexpected turn when she found herself in a car crash. The accident cost the pooch her two front legs. Losing such a big part of herself was definitely a struggle for the little pup. But she proved her resilience.

Photo: Youtube / Caters

The inspirational little dog was filmed by her owner, Zach Skow, in the backyard of the Tehachapi, California home, taking big steps forward in life. Cora showed just how determined and strong she was as she made the difficult climb up the back steps to their home. Even though she only had two legs left, she was not letting her disability get her down. She persevered. 

The entire clip is very touching and a wonderful reminder that we all have our struggles – big and small – but the important thing is to always keep moving forward in the face of adversity. And a sense of gratitude for what we do have left also never hurts.

Watch Cora being the queen that she is in the video below:


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