Vet Serenades Nervous Dogs With His Guitar While They Wait For Their Appointments

What is better than being a veterinarian? Being a vet who can play guitar. Ross Henderson is a veterinarian at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital in Lakewood, Colorado. Besides his full-time job as a vet, he’s also a part-time musician who plays guitar. And he has found a way to bring the two worlds together.

Photo: Youtube / Fox Hollow Animal Hospital

Ross is known to bring his guitar to work in order to serenade his animal patients. It helps to ease their anxiety while at the office. Ross normally sits next to them while he plays his guitar. His dog (and sometimes cat) patients will lay beside him and enjoy the music. Sometimes, they’ll even sit right on his lap!

Not long ago, Ross played his guitar for Ruby, a seemingly nervous dog. As he did his rendition of Elvis’ “Can’t help falling in love,” the anxious pup curled up on his lap, clearly feeling better thanks to the music.

Sometimes your patient just needs you to go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable when they're here for the day to have surgery. Dr. Ross has mastered the technique and sweet Ruby was so thankful for that ❤ #FoxHollowVet

Posted by Fox Hollow Animal Hospital on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Many of us experience a calming effect from music when we’re stressed, so it makes complete sense that animals, too, would enjoy the benefits.

Ross is definitely a vet who loves his patients and goes the extra mile for them – and it’s so heartwarming to witness.

You can watch the precious serenade video below:

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