Vets Wanted To Put This Poor Dog Down Until One Woman Saved Her

All dogs deserve a chance at life despite whatever challenges or health issues they may have – and that is exactly what one woman believed when she gave a dog named Pig, a second lease on life.

Photo credit: The Animal League of Birmingham

Pig was a dog who wasn’t like most – she’d been born to a feral mother in the woods outside of Atlanta, Georgia. But in addition to that, she also suffered from multiple birth defects.

Pig and her siblings were eventually discovered by a woman, who followed their cries in the forest. Knowing that she couldn’t just leave them. Instead, she kindly took them in and provided them with care.

Photo credit: The Animal League of Birmingham

When she took the puppy to the vet, she was advised that it would be best to put Pig to sleep. However, the woman was against it. Then, around Christmas time, a woman named Kim Dillenbeck was in Georgia visiting her sister, when she heard about Pig and decided to go meet the pup.

Photo credit: The Animal League of Birmingham

Kim had been involved in animal rescue for many years. And when she met Pig, she immediately fell in love with Pig and decided to bring her home. From there, Pig went to live with Kim in Alabama.

Photo credit: The Animal League of Birmingham

As Kim shared with, “I bonded with Pig right away. I thought I’d either be with her or near her helping her find a home. Pretty quickly, I decided to be her mother because she probably wouldn’t live. We assumed that by now, she would be suffocating under her own organs, or something like that, because of her shape.”

Photo credit: The Animal League of Birmingham

Kim had been fostering sick dogs in the past, but she’d never experienced a dog with a condition like Pig. Pig weighed in at 15 pounds, about half that weight that her siblings weighed. Pig’s birth defects consisted of massive spine damage – including missing vertebrae and ribs. As a result, her hips and joints were a little misplaced. All that caused her organs to be internally smushed together in her body.

Photo credit: The Animal League of Birmingham

As a result, Kim found herself giving Pig the Heimlich Maneuver several times due to her not having enough stomach space after consuming large meals.

Photo credit: The Animal League of Birmingham

Despite her physical differences, Pig was a very happy-go-lucky dog who could still run around and play, without experiencing any obvious pain.

Photo credit: The Animal League of Birmingham

Pig continued defying the odds, making Kim proud of her.

Photo credit: The Animal League of Birmingham

Kim told, “I’m the lucky one. She makes me laugh every day.”

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