Video Of A Baby Cuddling Adorable Dog Goes Viral

Are you bored at home and in need of some wholesome content to lift your spirits? Then look no further than the latest adorable video that has gone viral, which features a baby and doggie duo taking a nap together.

The video is from the Instagram account, Samsonthedood. The page is all about Samson the Goldendoodle, following his adventures in Westport, Connecticut with his family. There are plenty of adorable pictures, however, the reaction to this post was quite different. As his owners, Jessica and Alex, speculated with Fox News, they have a suspicion that it could have something to do with the current pandemic.

“I think people just want to see heartwarming stuff these days as a break from what’s going on in reality,” Jessica and Alex explained.

The couple are also parents to their son, Theo, as well as owners to two other dogs named Charley and Shea.

Jessica and Alex regularly post on Instagram using the hashtag “three doods and a baby.” They have added that Theo loves to snuggle with the dogs, and have revealed that he’s normally with “one of the three pups for a 15-30 minute nap a day.” The parents explained that this napping set up began when Theo was about three-months-old.

As the couple said, “Samson used to cuddle his bear. Sweet to see him cuddle our baby now.”

Responding to the viral video, both Alex and Jessica simply stated that they were thrilled their 577,000 social media followers were enjoying the sweet moment between a baby and his dog.

They said, “Glad we could make people smile.”

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