Video Of A Cat Comforting An Injured Dog Goes Viral

As pet owners, we all know that our dogs are quite affectionate. Cats, on the other hand, are not as loving – or at least that is the impression. However, cat owners will gladly tell you that their felines have a ton of love to give. Even more so, cats will gladly share their sentiments with their canine companions. 

One adorable video showed how much care can exist between a cat and her dog buddy. The footage, which was posted to the subreddit AnimalsBeingBros, was a viral hit. Reddit user @brooklynadm noted on the post, “A pitty and his best friend. Dog’s ear was bitten by another dog recently and the cat has been rubbing it ever since. She’s a real bro.”

As the Redditor shared, the pitbull’s injuries justified a vet visit since they needed to be stitched. The canine needed the cone of shame after the outpatient procedure. While that meant that the dog couldn’t reach his injuries, it didn’t stop the cat from doing it for him. 

As the duo’s owner shared, the loving cat sister immediately tried cleaning the wound for him. They added that the sibling dynamic is just “is too pure for this world.”

Once the dog’s injuries healed a bit more, the cone was able to be taken off. This meant that the cat had full reign to comfort her dog friend to the best of her abilities. The cat, Goblin, was more than determined to make her buddy, Anubis, feel better. She was all cuddles. 

Redditor @brooklynadm stated that Goblin and Anubis have been close friends ever since they were rescued from a dumpster. Their owner found Anubis tied to a trashcan behind the restaurant where she worked. As for Goblin, she was found alongside her littermates, crying for help.

Photo: Reddit/brooklynadm

The two now live with @brooklynadm, alongside a “Craigslist throw-away” dog named Jax. Together, they are all beloved and spoiled, and they make up her precious “pack.”

People on the internet could not get over how cute these two are. One user wrote that it was like the feline version of “kiss it to make it better.” While someone else noted that it was such a cute scene that they smiled all the way to their bones. A third person stated that “Perfect example for why dogs AND cats are the best.”

And that is something that we can agree with – while dogs are wonderful, cats are pretty cool too!

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