Video Of Beagle And His Cat Buddy’s Relationship Goes Viral

For some reason, it is believed that common knowledge dictates that dogs and cats are sworn enemies and can’t get along. But anyone who has ever owned both a cat and a dog at the same time knows better. They may have their moments of disagreement – like when the dog thinks he has a right to reclaim his own bed from the cat – but for the most part, they get along quite well.

Owner Lisa Plummer has a 5-month-old Beagle whom she captured on camera protectively hugging his feline companion.

The video, which Lisa captioned as, “Bo loves his cat siblings so much,” has received thousands of comments and shares across Facebook and Reddit.

Omg 🥰Bo & JasperLet me make a quick edit on this for everyone that is sharing….Bo, my beagle pup, is almost 5 months old. Jasper, big fatty black cat is 10 months old. Bo loves his cat siblings so much- but they literally drive me crazy with their constant chaos. This sweet moment melted my heart and made me want to take back all the bad things I've said about them. haha(For licensing and usage, contact: Thanks, Lisa Plummer

Posted by Lisa Plummer on Thursday, February 27, 2020

In the video, views can see Bo getting up close to 10-month-old Jasper the cat on the couch. The two stare out the window together, while Bo wraps his arm around Jasper in a friendly embrace.

As Plummer shared on Facebook, “They literally drive me crazy with their constant chaos. This sweet moment melted my heart and made me want to take back all the bad things I’ve said about them.”

People were quick to comment at the touching video:

“This is why I LOVE animals!!” one user wrote.

“So adorable! I am so glad you caught this! I have watched it a dozen times today,” another commented.

A third user stated, “I can’t even believe this is real. My doggo loves his kitten sisters and they definitely cuddle/lay together, but he is 10x their size.”


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