Wallace The Corgi Loves Hugging The Dogs He Meets On His Daily Walks

They say that the essence of who we are was written in the stars long before we were born. That is how you get practices like astrology as people like to try to make sense of what has supposedly already been preordained by the universe. But it seems that for one adorable little corgi pooch, the essence of who he is can be found on the tip of his nose. 

Like many other Corgi dogs, Wallace is a fluffy little love bug. However, he’s got a unique and distinctly defining feature: a heart-shaped mark on his nose. And this little mark of love is quite fitting as well since Wallace happens to be a very affectionate being. He loves to spread love and joy wherever he goes. His owner, Noah Raminick, has shared that Wallace is quite open and loving with everyone that he encounters. When the two go out for their walks, Wallace just radiates positive vibes towards all those in his path, and that includes handing out free hugs. In a very sweet act, this pup loves to give a big hug to all the other dogs he sees! It’s impossible not to smile when you see how much Wallace loves to express his happiness towards strangers. It is a habit that has Ramineck feeling very lucky to have ended up with a dog that is the definition of love and kindness. 

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This little pup is very accepting of all those around him and his owner pointed out that there isn’t a dog that is too big or too small for him to attempt to hug. And Wallace is quite considerate of the feelings of others as well. If he comes across a dog that is smaller than him, he follows their signals, making sure that they feel comfortable before he brings them in for an embrace. This thoughtful pup has become a master of the social cues and is quite adept at reading the signals being given off by other dogs. Of course, this also means that he’s gotten good at adjusting his behavior in order for them to feel comfortable and at ease enough for him to give them one of his now-famous hugs. 

As a result, Wallace has become quite popular with a wide circle of friends, as well as plenty of followers on social media. The happy hugging pooch is gaining popularity on Instagram. Ramineck also shared that Wallace’s hugs have always been something that he’s done naturally. He was never taught to go around hugging others. How sweet is that? While Wallace might spend his days hugging others he still retains a lot of that enchanting affection for those family members closest to him. Who else would love a Wallace hug? Let us know! 

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