Audience Reaction

Here’s a sampling of just some of the responses to Cesar’s most recent Tours. We’ll add your comments as they come in!

Fantastic Show
“Fantastic show, your passion is contagious, your enthusiasm is inspiring, all our emotions were touched. Thank you for coming to Melbourne, Australia.” Maria Vella

Had the Audience Spellbound
“What an amazing show, Cesar is a consummate performer and had the audience spellbound. I know that I’ve come home feeling energized and ready to be The Pack Leader.” Karenne Wood

New Perspective
“Having read your books and seen your TV show, I thought I had a good grasp of your methods. Having seen you live and heard your passion, and watched your behavior with the dogs I see there is so much more to it. I especially connected with the quote about being ‘mindfully aware and emotionally in tune.’ It gave me a new perspective of how I conduct myself not only with my dog, but with my everyday interactions with people. Thank you for bringing this show to Newcastle, and me.” Stacey Anderson

Something Amazing!
“Thank you, thank you, thank you Cesar and Todd, for the opportunity to help Cooper with his OPCD – obsessive pine cone disorder! He has been a different dog since the show. I have always felt closer to my other dog Harley, but I bonded on another level with Cooper that night and we experienced something amazing. VERY grateful!!” Rebecca Hawson

Truly Unforgettable
“Thank you for a truly unforgettable night! You are an inspiration to all of us. I loved every minute of your show and my sides are still hurting from laughing so much. You make it look so easy and I guess when you explain it the way you do and take it back to basics and the very beginning it really is. Your energy is amazing and I hope that I can bring that away with me and use it in my life. Thanks again, I did not want your show to end and thoroughly enjoyed it.” Sarah Ellis


He Outdid Himself Again
“After watching all of Cesar’s shows and reading his books, I didn’t think he could teach me anything else, but he outdid himself once again! Watching him in action with the dogs was amazing. He truly is a gift from Mother Nature, put on this planet to help us draw on our ancient instincts – the same instincts our dogs live by!” Rosie Denny

“Cesar Millan was brilliant! I was blessed to be in a room with someone so in tune with Mother Nature. The minute we got home we started doing not trying.” Ryan Rocky Blair

“Fantastic!!! What an amazing show last night!! Thank you Cesar for showing us how it is, it was truly awe-inspiring and you are one of a kind and also very funny I must add. You kept the audience captivated with your informative tips in managing unacceptable behavior of dogs (brought on by humans of course!). The demos on stage were amazing, seeing how the dogs react differently when you were dealing with them. What more can I say – I loved it!!” Daria Santilli Runco

One of a Kind
“The show last night was truly inspirational and hilarious! You are seriously one of a kind Cesar, although I wish there were more people like you! I now look at my dog in a whole different light, as a product of Mother Nature trying to live in harmony with people. I’m now going to make sure I live up to the expectation of dog’s best friend using your principles. I wish I could make the rest of my family see their dogs as animals, not humans! Thanks again and my free range chickens also send their gratitude for your tips on controlling my dog’s killing instinct.” Sarah Rackemann




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