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A woman walks her dog on a beautiful fall day.

Many factors go into a person’s decision to get a dog. They might look for certain traits associated with a specific breed or may prefer a certain size. Some purchase purebreds, while others head to the pound to find a mutt in need of a new home.

Whether or not you’ve thought about it, your choice of a canine companion gives people certain insights into your personality traits.

What Does Your Dog Say About You?

Dog Breeds: Mutts vs. Purebreds

Selecting a purebred dog takes a lot of research, time, and commitment. People that gravitate towards specific breeds tend to take comfort in the fact that they know what they are getting in terms of the dog’s temperament, appearance, size, and behavior. This suggests that purebred dog owners are “planners” by nature. Purebred owners are said to have a more distinctive set of tastes and weigh the pros and cons before deciding their course of action.

You don’t always know what you are getting when you select a mutt. For this reason, people that adopt a mixed-breed dog are viewed as more laidback and better adapted to go with the flow. These dog owners tend to be more apt to take chances and make their decisions on a more emotional basis.

Dog Size: Large vs. Small

Large dogs require more space and exercise so it’s suggested that owners of more sizable dogs enjoy outdoor activities and sports. The bigger the dog, the bigger the mess, so people with larger dogs appear more tolerant of scooping up bigger piles of waste, wiping muddy paws, and cleaning up piles of drool. Some studies show a correlation between large dogs and men who perceive themselves to be macho.

Small breeds are easier to care for and are often associated with people that prefer taking their canine companion for a walk in the park versus scaling up the side of a mountain for exercise. Smaller dogs are often viewed as cleaner, daintier, and require less space.

Dog Coats: Long vs. Short

Dogs with coats that need to be groomed more often are said to owned by people that put more emphasis on visiting the spa and getting frequent haircuts and other beautifying treatments.

Owners of breeds that shed less often prefer the convenience associated with infrequent grooming sessions and tend to place more of an emphasis on keeping a well-kept home.

Dog Food: Organic vs. Commercial

More health-conscious people typically own dogs that are fed homemade food or natural and organic diets. These owners dedicate an extensive amount of time to reading food labels and educating themselves on the latest food trends for both themselves and their pets.

Owners that purchase commercial food are said to enjoy the convenience of prepackaged options and tend to be more trustworthy consumers.

Dog Treatment: Spoiled vs. Ignored

If your dog has a bed in every room or sleeps on a plush velvet bed softer than your own, it’s likely that you love to spoil those that are close to you. Owners who let their pooches snuggle up in bed with them are said to be affectionate and soft-hearted. If your dog spends the majority of its time outside or in a kennel, people may see you as a person that lacks empathy.

Dog Behavior: Well-Trained vs. Misbehaved

Dogs that are well trained are often a reflection of a responsible, happy, and organized owner. A dog that has behavioral problems can denote an owner that is anxious, impatient, and unsatisfied.

While the above are merely observations, they do give us something to think about. Whether we like it or not, people who encounter our canine companions make their own assessment of our personality traits based on how our dog looks, acts, and behaves. Looking at your own dog, do you agree or disagree with the observations above?

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