A dog comes back to his owner with a ball he fetched.

By Cesar Millan

Some things stay the same in my life, but for the most part, life changes every day. I feel the sense of not knowing and expecting the unexpected. In many parts of the world, the surroundings tend to look the same because of limited resources, but yet there is so much diversity that is truly inspiring.

Once, after a live tour in Europe, I went on vacation in Costa Rica. Each day, before the locals would even say “good morning” they’d say “pura vida” or “pure life.” The children know from a very early age that they must respect nature, from the tiniest bug to the smallest plant.

Being eco-friendly is just a part of their existence, and while the landscape is rich and neatly groomed, the only thing keeping it alive and active is change. It got me thinking…


Discovering Costa Rica
Some of the truest beauty in Costa Rica stems from the diversity. There were so many different kinds of plants and colorful natural landscape. The buildings and homes are built around nature.

There was no dirt or trash, houses were made out of wood that came from the rainforest, and people seem to respect the land around them.

It was breathtaking. The birds carry seeds to the sky and drop them in the rainforest’s canopy. So when you look up, you might see an unexpected cactus growing on top of a tree. And it’s always changing forms, shapes, and colors.

Sensing Costa Rica
You use all of your senses when you are in Costa Rica.  There were shells, tiny bugs and monkeys I would see everywhere. I’d wake up in the morning and smell the coffee—it was dark coffee and I’d add a little brown sugar.

You would feel the fresh rain every single morning, which added to the amazing scent of the Costa Rican sunrise. I’d sit and drink my coffee, eat my papaya, and a toucan or a monkey would be right there in front of me. The quiet was a welcome change of pace.

I saw two volcanoes while I was there and was in awe of their power, size and smell. The Arsenal volcano was incredible and had thermal waters, the Tabacon Springs, at the base. Getting into them after ziplining and enjoying a buffet of fresh ceviche was pure heaven.

I’d love to take my entire pack there to experience it sometime. Then we took in some adventure with the relaxation by going ziplining.  In the rainforest we saw the beautiful river full of crocodiles and on the banks were white-haired monkeys.

Get out of your comfort zone
This kind of life—one that includes exploration, natural beauty, and peace—is  so inspiring to me. It’s change that makes it possible.  If you always remain in your comfort zone, you can never get out to live the life that you were meant to live.

Change can happen every day. Even if you just simply change the path you walk the dog, it can change their state of mind. Routine is one thing that dogs need and thrive on, but consistency doesn’t mean “the same”—it’s like you can consistently pray, but you don’t have to always pray in the same place.

You can love one person or one dog, but it’s not always in the same way, shape, or form. You can be devoted to your workout routine, but your body changes and adapts to grow with you, for worse or hopefully for the better, if you keep at it.

I meet so many people with dog problems. Across the board there is one thing in common. They are stuck. If we can get those people to embrace change, then we can clear the path to transformation and ultimately balance and fulfillment.

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