Normally our dogs are perfect angels in our eyes. But every so often they will do things that displease us like digging up our gardens, chewing up our shoes, or destroying our couch cushions. These bad behaviors are not what we want in our dog but before we do something to correct it, we must understand why our dogs sometimes destroy our things. That way, we can understand how to better help them through whatever it is that is afflicting them. Here are some of the common reasons why our dogs destroy household items, and what we can do about it:

Puppy Phase

One of the most common reasons for a destroyed sofa or bed is because our puppies are going through their typical behavior of adolescence. Like human babies, our puppies experience teething as well. When this happens, they will often seek our something to chew on in order to alleviate the soreness they’re experiencing. Unfortunately, if you don’t provide them enough chew toys or the proper chew toys, they may take this our on your favorite pair of shoes. Your vet can help you with recommendations for handling this behavior, or your local pet store could also help you pick out the perfect chew toy.

Stress, Anxiety, or Boredom

While we can almost always expect destruction from puppies in their teething phase, once our dogs grow up we come to expect them to be well-behaved. But sometimes we might come home to a horrible surprise and find that our adult dogs have gone ham on the living room sofa. This is never pleasant to return to after a long day, but it sometimes happens because our dogs are feeling emotional. Such destructive behaviors are actually a release for any pent-up anxiety or stress they’re experiencing. If this is your dog, you can help them work through these emotions by changing up their routine. It could be a simple fix such as making sure they get outside more. Or it could be a case of they are being overly stimulated. If your dog is constantly being forced to play or go on adventures with you, they might be acting out because they just want to be left alone for a little while to take a nap. Their destructive behavior could also be a result of a major change in the home, such as a new pet, a change in routine, an absence of their favorite person, etc. If this is the case then you need to change or remove the stressor but if this is not an option, then you can consult with your vet about ways to help.

Has your dog ever had a problem with destroying your home? How did you solve the problem? Let us know!

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