Wiley The Dalmatian Puppy Was Born With A Heart-Shaped Nose

When little Wiley was first brought home to his new family, his mother immediately noticed that there was something very special about the pup. Besides having a lovely little sweet yet sassy disposition, it had more to do with his markings. Wiley is a pup with some very distinct markings such as a precious heart shape around his little nose.

Photo: Instagram / hi.wiley

Since Wiley was still so young, his family wasn’t sure if his markings would remain like that forever, or if they would change as he grew up. Much to their delight, it turns out that his heart on his nose stays the same way and he’s a joy to everyone that he meets.

Lexi Smith, his adoptive mother, said to the Dodo, “I wasn’t sure if it was going to stick because the top left part of it was a somewhat detached spot.”

Photo: Instagram / hi.wiley

He is an extremely happy and friendly little guy, who still has tons of his puppy energy left in him. He wants to play with everyone that he encounters. As a result, he’s always quick with a hello to strangers – and it gets strangers smiling every time without fail. They especially are happy when they get a glimpse of his little nose with the heart.

“Everyone notices the heart,” Smith added. “Can’t take him anywhere without being mobbed, but he loves all the attention. He is cute and he knows it! He is a stubborn little sweetheart full of sass and constantly making me laugh. He is a cuddle bug when he wants to be, but when he is ready to play, you better be ready to, too.”

Photo: Instagram / hi.wiley

While he’s still very young, Wiley has already figured out that he’s adorable and people like him. As a result, he shows himself off to everyone. He’s definitely not shy about saying hi – to him strangers are just friends that he hasn’t met yet.

Photo: Instagram / hi.wiley

Wiley is pretty smart besides being so cute, so he loves to play with other dogs, go for hikes, and bother his cat sibling. He also enjoys the film “101 Dalmatians.” He’s a very spoiled pup who gets his way, and we can’t imagine that it would be anything but easy to give in to this cute face.

Photo: Instagram / hi.wiley

“I taught him ‘sit’ pretty early, so now whenever he wants anything, he just sits and expects to be rewarded with it,” Smith talked about his intelligence. “He scoffs and grunts at you when you tell him no, but he doesn’t have to deal with that often since he’s so cute and usually gets his way.”

Photo: Instagram / hi.wiley

We can totally see why this little pup is so popular.

Photo: Instagram / hi.wiley

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