Woman Builds A Photo Booth So Her Dog Can Take Selfies With Her Paw

If we’re pet owners, there is a high probably that some of us have an Instagram or some other social media dedicated to our pets. And if we don’t, we at least feature a lot of pictures of them on our own social media pages. It’s hard to resist the desire to constantly take pictures of our pets – they’re irresistibly cute! All of us know the feeling of having hundreds of pictures on our phone’s camera roll. But one proud dog owner took things to the next level with her brilliant photo creation. 

Simone Giertz came up with the great idea of creating her very own dog selfie booth. And after posting pictures to her social media account, the novelty of what she had created took off. So many people were impressed by what she had built for her rescue pup named Scraps. The little pooch was aptly named, as Giertz joked that the dog was both “marvelous” yet a “menace.” But it was her personality that inspired Giertz’s wonderful creation. 

Back in May, Giertz brought the sassy 3-legged pooch home and gave him the loving family that he deserved. And Scraps now has a cool new title of official workshop dog and has the nickname “Commander Scraps.” After getting Scraps, Giertz decided to start teaching the clever pup basic commands along with how to use the phone for photos. However, as smart as Scraps was, her paw pads and the phone didn’t quite match up. And that is when Giertz got the idea to create a special photo setup.

Giertz immediately set to sketching, creating a plan of how the photo booth would look as well as how it would work. She settled on LEGO to help create a structure for the photo booth. But the mechanical portion of the photo booth was much more complex, although she was able to use a LEGO robotics kit for it. Once it was all set up, it didn’t take long for Scraps to begin being able to step on the pedal and take a picture. But a cute selfie isn’t the only gain from this photo booth – there is also a treat dispenser that rewards Scraps for taking pictures of herself. 

Giertz wrote on her Instagram, “I built my dog a selfie booth so she can take photos of herself by pushing a pedal with her paw.”

Needless to say, it has become quite a viral hit with many people praising Giertz for her inventiveness. Given that Scraps can now take pictures of herself whenever she wants, it’s no surprise that the pup is well on her way to becoming a pet-fluencer with her very own Instagram account. 

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