Woman Cries Tears Of Joy When She’s Reunited With Her Dog After An Avalanche

Imagine going out on a lovely hike in the mountains with your dog only to have your dog fall into a crevasse and become stuck. That describes any dog owner’s worst-case scenario. Most of us couldn’t imagine ever experiencing something as scary as that – especially since you don’t know whether or not you’ll ever see your dog again. Unfortunately for one woman, that is precisely the real-life nightmare she experienced while out walking with her dog in the Stewart Falls of Mt. Timpanogos, which is in Utah. She was horrified when her beloved pooch fell 40 feet down into a snowpack. The woman was understandably horrified and scared for her dog’s safety. Most concerning of all was her fear as to whether or not she’d ever see her dog again. 

The woman was beside herself and turned to the Utah County Sheriff Search and Rescue team for help. The rescue team arrived and immediately got to work doing their best to rescue the lost pup and turn the sad story into one with a happy ending. The rescue team explained how the pooch had fallen into a crevasse after trying to pass over a snow bridge that had been created by a previous avalanche. Once he had fallen in, the dog had become trapped and was unable to get back out.

In order to get the dog out, the began to carefully excavate a hole in the snow. They used this hole as a means of creating a tunnel through which they were able to access the poor dog. The rescue mission was successful! The Utah County Sheriff Search and Rescue team proudly posted to Facebook, “A team member was then lowered down and the dog was successfully rescued.”

The rescue itself was not filmed, however, the reunion afterward was caught on camera. And it was just as touching as you’d imagine. The dog’s owner was beside herself to see her dog again – relieved and overjoyed that the dog was rescued.

Watch the emotional moment below:

What do you think of the reunion? Is it something that makes you want to cry? Let us know!

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