Woman Has Emotional Reunion With Her Dog That Got Lost In The Desert For Two Months

It is a cliche to say, but sometimes your life really can change all in an instant. Rose Sharman was someone who found this out after experiencing a life-altering car crash.

While Sharman was driving down the freeway close to New River, she was accompanied by her two dogs, ILY, short for “I love you,” and another who was not named. During the drive-in their RV, tragedy struck the trio, resulting in a very severe car crash after one of the tires blew out.

Sharman, along with her dog, ILY, were both tossed out through the windshield in the ensuing crash. Sadly, her other dog was killed in the accident. ILY, understandably stressed and scared by everything, ended up running off into the Arizona desert.

Sharman was rescued from the scene of the crash and air-lifted to the hospital. Given her serious injuries, Sharman was unable to get out and go look for ILY. While she was recovering, it was her friends and family, as well as kind strangers, who banned together to organize searches for ILY out in the desert. Where ILY had run off, was a dangerous stretch of highway, so it was very important that they find her as soon as possible. Sadly, no one could locate ILY and it began looking as though the dog would never be found.

However, exactly two months and three days following the crash, there was a miracle. ILY had finally been found alive in the desert, having survived thanks to the companionship of another lost dog. Thankfully, while ILY was able to be reunited with Sharman, this other surviving dog was also able to go home to his owner as well.

ILY was finally home with Sharman, and the reunion could not have gone any better. While ILY had lost some weight during her ordeal out in the desert, she was overall in good health. And Sharman, who was in a wheelchair at the time, was more than happy to have her beloved dog back.

This story is definitely a reminder to never take the ones you love for granted because you just never know. Glad that Sharman and ILY got to put their horrible experiences behind them and move forward together.

Watch the video below:

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