Woman Holds Dying Shelter Dog In Her Arms All Night So He Won’t Pass Away Alone

As much as we try to help and give every homeless animal we encounter, the very sad reality is that not all suffering animals can be saved. Unfortunately, that is what the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, Janine Guido, had to make peace with when she first encountered Watson.

Photo: Facebook/Speranza Animal Rescue

Watson was a starving and homeless Pit Bull who was rescued by a college student after they found him all alone in a Philadelphia park. The student took the poor dog to an emergency vet. He was covered with sores all across his body. He also had a large tumor growing on his back leg. Unfortunately, time was running out for Watson, and the vet regretfully told the college student that there wasn’t much hope for him – his cancer had spread.

Photo: Facebook/Speranza Animal Rescue

From there, Watson was transferred over to a local shelter, where staff agreed to make Watson as comfortable as possible for his remaining time.

“I had a gut feeling that things weren’t going to be good the next day,” Guido said to The Dodo. “I didn’t want to leave him alone. Not when he needed me the most.”

Guido then promised to stay by Watson’s side. She got him blankets and a dog bed, and laid down beside him and held him close. Guido spent the entire night with Watson in her arms.

Photo: Facebook/Speranza Animal Rescue

“He slept like a rock all night, cuddled up to me so tight,” Guido remarked. “I cried myself to sleep, and woke up in tears as well.”

That next morning, Watson refused to eat or drink. He also began to pace in circles, and that’s when Guido knew that the inevitable was near. She continued to give him love and attention, making sure that he knew he wasn’t alone.

Not long afterward, Watson passed away – And at least he went knowing that he was loved.

Photo: Facebook/Speranza Animal Rescue

“I’m just so thankful I was able to hold him tight for his last night,” Guido said. “I was telling him how much he was loved — and that his life mattered. My heart is breaking, but I would not change a thing.”

Rest in peace little Watson. And let this story serve as a reminder to the rest of us to always do what we can to help the animals out there who don’t have a loving home.

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