Woman Nurses Puppy With Tetanus Out Of Paralysis

The resilience of animals is absolutely incredible. Even when the chips are down for them and they are facing monumental obstacles, they never lose their sparkle. It is something very admirable about dogs. We could all take a lesson from the way that dogs handle their troubles with grace and positivity. 

One pit bull puppy named Bunny was brought into the vet’s office by her owners who were concerned about the puppy after she stiffened up and was “frozen.” As it transpired, little Bunny was diagnosed with tetanus, which known as lockjaw. Unfortunately, her owners could not afford the treatment required to restore Bunny to full health, so they ended up surrendering her to the vet, Dr. Ali Thompson.

Dr. Thompson was not about to let Bunny go. She was determined to get her healthy again. She put Bunny on a very strict care regime and the long road to recovery began for the little pup. The first thing that Dr. Thompson did was blindfold the puppy for a temporary period of time in order to decrease any visual stimuli that could increase her chances of a seizure. 

During those first few weeks, Bunny remained stiff as a board. There was one tiny glimmer of hope as the little puppy was still able to wag her tail. Finally, after two weeks, Dr. Thompson was in for a pleasant surprise when she arrived at her house to find that Bunny was standing up and able to wag her tail! It was a definite turning point for the puppy who started to make progress. 

The recovery continued and after another few weeks of Dr. Thompson caring for baby Bunny, the little pit bull was fully on the mend. However, during that time the veterinarian had grown quite fond of the pup and didn’t want to have to say goodbye to her. Rather than finding her a new home, Dr. Thompson decided to give Bunny the forever home she deserved. She officially adopted the puppy. 

While tetanus in dogs can be rare, it can be life-threatening which is why Bunny was quite lucky that the veterinarian didn’t give up on her. Tetanus comes from the bacteria, clostridium tetani, and it usually enters the system through a scrape or a cut. If the wound becomes dirty the tetanus infection can spread and become deadly. If you notice that your dog has a cut or a scrape the best thing to do is take them to a vet so the wound can be properly cleaned and treated with antibiotics if needed. Fortunately for Bunny Dr. Thompson was able to treat her in the nick of time before the infection became worse. 

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