Woman Replaces Her Husband’s Face In Every Family Photo After He Refused To Adopt A Dog

In a marriage when your spouse says no to something that you want, you sometimes have to get creative in order to steer them over to your side.

And that is what Kathy Leffler was trying to do when her practical joke went viral.

Photo: Kathy Yurk Leffler

Kathy was interested in growing their family by adopting a dog, however, her husband, Michael, wasn’t on board. In fact, he resisted the idea of having a new pet in the house.

So, Kathy got creative.

Since her case wasn’t getting any traction when she presented it in an argument form, she figured she needed to be more subtle. If she could get a subliminal message stuck in her husband’s head, then perhaps she could sway him to her side.

And she came up with the perfect idea – she only needed some scissors for her crafty project.

Photo: Kathy Yurk Leffler

Kathy told The Dodo, “I thought it would be funny to replace my husband’s face in all the photos throughout the house to get his attention.”

Instead of Michael’s face being in the family pictures, it was now a dog.

Photo: Kathy Yurk Leffler

While it was discreet, she was hopeful that it would work once Michael saw that a dog looked to have always been a part of the family.

Kathy was curious to see if it worked when he came home. She tried to act as though nothing were out of the ordinary when he arrived home.

“He didn’t notice the pictures right away,” she said.

Photo: Kathy Yurk Leffler

At first, it took some time for him to actually notice, but given some time he caught on to what was going on. While it was a surprise, he was also taken by his wife’s determination and sense of humor.

The couple’s daughter Alyssa – who is also wanting a new dog as well – said, “He couldn’t stop laughing that my mom had actually gone that far. My mom’s very funny!”

Photo: Kathy Yurk Leffler

While he certainly appreciates Kathy’s humor, there is still no word on whether or not he’s going to bend on the decision.

“The pictures are actually still up,” Alyssa said. “I’m hoping it works.”

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