Woman Shares The Peanut Butter Trick She Uses To Clip Her Dog’s Nails While Quarantined

Quarantine. It’s probably getting to all of us. But besides having to stare at the same four walls all day, the other thing about quarantine is personal grooming is placed on hold. Yes, while we can still shower, brush our teeth, and keep our nails trimmed, it’s the other little beauty regimens that we miss. Things like getting our nails done, having our hair styled and trimmed, waxing various body parts, etc.

But while we miss being about to go out and get our beauty on, we also have to remember our pets as well. They’re in this just as much as we are since we can’t take them to the groomers to get their hair and nails trimmed. However, unlike ourselves, we can easily take care of these issues at home for our pets. We can still treat them to a spa day at home by giving them a bath, sheering their hair, and trimming their nails.

And one woman has come up with what is perhaps the most genius dog nail trimming hack we’ve ever seen.

Nurse and dog owner, Linds Shelton, has gifted us the best distraction to keep our dogs pre-occupied while we trim their nails. And the best thing is it is so simple and requires a kitchen ingredient that most of us already probably have in our homes: peanut butter. In a video uploaded to TikTok, the California resident shared her trick: wrapping some plastic wrap around the top of her head and scooping a large spoonful of peanut butter to her forehead.

Linds then is able to bend her head forward so she’s eye level with her dog, who is then able to enjoy a delightful bit of peanut butter. The treat is enough to keep the pup preoccupied while Linds quickly works away at trimming its nails.


Need help clipping your dogs nails? I gotchu. #dogsoftiktok #tiktokdogs #tiktokdiy #fyp #foryoupage #smallgestures

♬ original sound – linds.shelton

After the brilliant hack was posted to Twitter, it instantly went viral.

There were hundreds of comments calling it, “genius.”

One person posted, “Dude this is genius. I wish I had genius energy. But I’m about to have copycat (copydog?) energy.”

Someone else was going to try it, saying, “I’ve just shown this to my husband, and we’re wrapping his head in clingwrap and peanut butter tomorrow!” That same person then added that her husband wasn’t as excited as she was.

Meanwhile, there were even other responses showing people trying it themselves.

One social media user even offered to send Linds money for her innovative trick would actually save them money in the long run since they no longer needed to take their pet to a groomer.

Another tweet read, “nominating this woman for a doctorate in dog training.”

That was responded to by another user who wrote, “dogtorate…”

Needless to say, Linds has seriously established herself as a dog hack genius and has inspired many a dog owner to follow suit. And what better timing since this pandemic means many dog owners will be needing to trim their dogs’ nails anyways.

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