Woman Surprises Her Husband With A Puppy After Their Pug Passed Away

We will have many different pets throughout our lives. But each one will have their own personalities and quirks that endear them to us. And we will never forget each one of our pets. They will always be special to us. 

As pet owners, we also know that when it’s time to say goodbye to them the pain is very real. Plus, there is always going to be a little missing piece of yourself after they’ve passed on that can’t be filled. However, we do find that there is still plenty of love in our hearts to give to the next pet who comes along. 

And one man suffered the loss of his beloved pug whom he’d had for 11 years. After the devastating loss his wife ended up surprising him in a touching way. After the wife found a little baby pug, she decided to adopt it as a surprise for her husband. 

While the puppy could never replace the pet that he’d lost, it was a sweet gesture to help him cope with the sadness while also letting in a little joy to his life. As a result, the surprise of the puppy was quite exciting for the man. When the woman came home and presented the puppy as a present to her husband, he was immediately moved with emotion.

You can watch the video below:

There is no doubt that many of us probably teared up at the raw emotions felt in the video. Tell us what you think!

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