Woman That Lost Her Dog After Getting A Divorce Has An Emotional Reunion Two Years Later

There is a saying that what is meant for you, will never pass you by. And sometimes, there are certain pets that are just meant to be in your life. And to be honest, sometimes it’s rather quite miraculous the way the universe works in bringing lost pets back together with their owners.

One remarkable dog and owner reunion was set on its course after the Humane Society of Chittenden County took in a Rottweiler named Bella. She’d been given up by her family who said they could no longer afford to care for her as the dog needed an expensive surgery to fix a torn CCL.

After taking Bella in, the Human Society gave her the surgery that she needed. And once she’d undergone the surgery, she was made ready for adoption in hopes that she could recover from her surgery in a loving, forever home. Of course, when she was made adoptable, fate stepped in with an incredible surprise.

As the rescue ended up posting on social media, they shared, “We got a call from a woman who said she thought Bella was her dog, whom she had lost in the process of a messy divorce two years ago and had been missing ever since.”

As it would transpire, Bella was indeed the missing dog of Jenn. And the two would share a very sweet reunion that was captured on camera.

Watch the two videos below, but don’t forget the tissues:

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