Woman Turns An Old Shed Into ‘Barkingham Palace’ For Her Dogs

To all my dog owners in quarantine, if you’re looking for something fun to do while stuck at home, why not build something cool for your dog? Take a page off of one California woman’s book, and create a mega-mansion for your favorite dog or dogs.

This woman built her three dogs, Fuzz, Bruiser, and Marvin, the perfect new pad: a two-story dog house that is quite swanky inside. I mean, looking at it, it’s nicer than my entire home.

Photo: Victoria Palmer / The Dodo

Of course, it’s not hard to imagine that the trio of doggies absolutely loved their new pad.

Their owner, Victoria Palmer, was inspired to create the building project after she tore down the old shed that was in her backyard. Unable to do it entirely alone, she got the help of her dad to being construction on what later came to be called, “Barkingham Palace.”

As she shared with The Dodo, “My father and I love to do home improvement projects and add things to the house when he comes to town. I mentioned building a doghouse for his grandpups and the next thing you know we’re framing doors and windows and drawing up plans for the second floor, buying shingles, and we reached ‘carried away level 1000.’”

Photo: Victoria Palmer / The Dodo

The dog mansion truly turned out to be a work of art – and the fact that it was two stories is just impressive.

Photo: Victoria Palmer / The Dodo

Victoria was very meticulous in her decorating work – making sure to stick to the Victorian theme of the doggie mansion. She didn’t leave any details out.

And she said, “Bruiser does not come out of it.”

We don’t blame him. We wouldn’t leave either.

Photo: Victoria Palmer / The Dodo

“The portraits up the grand staircase were planned from the beginning because it’s part of that classical manor house style to have regal portraits of all the important people on the walls,” Victoria added.

All we can say is that those dogs are some of the luckiest dogs around. So, my fellow dog owners, if you’re bored in quarantine, how does this sound like a fun project to undertake? How would you build your own doggie mansion? Let us know!

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