Woman Writes A Heartfelt Obituary After Her Dog Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

Dogs are the family that we get to pick for ourselves. And though they may only be animals, they definitely bring a great joy and fulfillment to our lives. We can’t imagine our lives without them. But the only downside to having a dog is that at some point in our lives, that is exactly what we’ll have to do. Unfortunately, while our dogs may lead long and happy lives with us, their lifespans are not as long as those of humans. That means we have to say goodbye to our faithful companions, and it never is an easy task.

When Sallie Hammett lost her beloved dog, Charlie, she was devastated. He’d been her best friend and her “right hand man” ever since she adopted him as a puppy. That is why the South Carolina-based woman knew that she had to do something to honor him. As she shared with the Greenville News, he was so much more than just a dog, he was his own individual. 

Charlie had been battling cancer for about 5 months. Sadly, he lost that fight, and Hammett was left saddened and looking to write a tribute to her buddy. That is when she composed a very touching obituary dedicated to the pooch and posted it to Twitter. She wrote, “Charlie’s favorite activities were walking, stick collecting, swimming, smiling, and snoozing. If we’re being honest, Charlie loved everything life had to offer (except stairs. Charlie hated stairs).”

She added that Charlie’s favorite activities included going to the beach, taking rides in the car, chasing squirrels, as well as going camping, hiking, and fishing. She added that he loved bananas and socks. However, she shared that the dog was a very loyal companion who was always by her side, and for that, he would be greatly missed. She further noted that it was his kind heart was what made him such an incredible dog. 

After she posted the tribute on Twitter, it quickly gained a lot of popularity and soon had more than 100,000 likes and 10,000 retweets. In addition, there were many people who reached out to Hammett to let her know that they were sorry to hear about her loss. It was an outpouring that Hammett referred to as “heartwarming.” 

What do you think of the obituary? Have you ever done something similar for your pet? Let us know!

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