Workers Rescue Dog And Her Puppy After They Get Trapped In A Water Pit

A mother’s love is strong. Their desire to protect their young means that moms will do anything to keep their kids safe. And the maternal instinct amongst dogs is just as powerful. But sometimes moms need a little help when it comes to keeping their kids safe.

When two men were near a water reservoir, they heard the sounds of someone in distress. Upon investigation, they discovered that the sounds were those of a mother and puppy who had been stuck in the water pit overnight. Because the hole had been coated in a plastic tarp, the surface was slippery. This meant that the dogs were unable to scale the sides back up to the top. 

As soon as the mama dog saw the men coming her way, she began to whine even more frantically in hopes that they would help. And the men did just that. One of the men wore a harness and used ropes to help himself navigate down to where the dogs were trapped. Once he reached them the mom began to wag her tail and lick his face.

The first one to be rescued was the little puppy. Afterward, the man went back down for the mama dog. The two pooches were quite dirty and cold – completely caked in mud from having to spend the night. More than likely the little puppy wandered in and then the mom went in after it to rescue it but was unable to get back out. Either way, the two were finally safe thanks to the efforts of the men. And the mother dog was overwhelmed with feelings – she didn’t know whether to care for her baby or thank their rescuers first. 

Thanks to these kind men, the mother and baby dog now have a shot at a better life. Hopefully, they’ll find their forever family to take them in and give them the loving homes they deserve. 

Watch the daring rescue below:

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