Young Boy Plays Pie In The Face Game With His Dog

Most of us don’t really like things flying at our faces, even if it’s food. I still remember being seven and getting traumatized by my attempt to catch an M&M in my mouth. I completely missed and hit myself in the eye. It was not a fun feeling. And since then, anything that remotely looks like it’s heading for my face makes me flinch. I’m sure I’m not alone. Most of us have that fight or flight instinct that kicks in when we think something is about to get hit in the face with something, even if it’s something we’d normally enjoy, like food. That is probably why most of us wouldn’t exactly like to get pied in the face.

But our dogs are quite different. They welcome food flying at them. We’ve all tossed a food scrap or two to our dogs. As a result, we’ve all seen their crazed and enthusiastic reactions. It’s like they’re being handed the winning lotto ticket the way they scramble to catch whatever food is airborne. It’s actually quite entertaining to watch. And one video proves that dogs are a silly bunch who are completely motivated by food after a family filmed their Rottweiler really getting into a game called “Pie In The Face.”

Based off the name it’s not difficult to figure out what the game entails. As anyone can imagine, the toy is a contraption that launches cream at the person who is sticking their head through the hole in order for them to “pie” them in the face. Sounds fun, right? Maybe, if the family game night involves someone you’re not particularly fond of. But for one Rottie, the pie-in-the-face board game could not be any more of a delight. Not only was this big pooch getting to spend time with his favorite humans, but he was also getting a tasty treat out of the deal as well! And from the looks of the game he was thoroughly enjoying himself – we’ll venture to say that this good boy won every round played. Or at least that is how he felt.

And his humans seemed to be having fun pieing the pup in the face. It’s not every day you get a willing participant! Watch the fun they’re having in the video below:

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