Achieving Balance and Harmony

Happy hump day?

If you’re a dog owner, mounting and masturbation can be a fact of life. Here’s why dogs do it, and what you should do about it. Read More

Dogs get a new lease on life in 3-D

As 3-D printing becomes more accessible to the average consumer, the big-hearted community behind it is also using the technology to literally give disadvantaged dogs a leg up. Read More

New super supplement promises joint pain relief

    If your dog is suffering from joint pain, this new super supplement can provide fast, effective relief.
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Here's your chance to train with Cesar in California!

    Cesar’s Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I is back at the Southern California DPC in September! Ensure your spot now before they’re all gone!
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Available for digital download!

    Cesar's latest DVD, Essentials of Dog Behavior: Socialization, is now available for digital download. Start watching now, or download to stream through your Roku!
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Essentials of Dog Behavior: Socialization DVD

    NEW! Cesar's latest DVD teaches you why it's important to socialize your dog, and how you can do it. Available now!
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NEW! Cesar Millan's Funny Muzzle

    Learn all about Cesar's latest training tool and how it can help socialize your dog.
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Recent Exclusives

Dog Behavior

My dog bit me — now what?

Dog bites can and do happen, but what do you do if your own dog bites you? Here are the reasons why, and the solutions.

Dog Training

Does your dog love you?

Do dogs actually experience love, or are we just projecting our emotions onto them? Science may now have an answer to the question.

Cesar Millan TV

‘Cesar 911’ season finale

Nat Geo WILD has announced the third season of Cesar Millan’s hit series series, "Cesar 911," to air both in the U.S. and internationally.
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