Achieving Balance and Harmony


Teen Ward

Dear Cesar,

I’ve been a dog lover my whole life. I was raised with dogs and despite being bitten by a neighborhood terror as a child my love never failed. I have been watching your shows and have gained a whole new love and appreciation for the animal. I have a rescue dog that we got about 8 years ago from Dreampower in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When my parents brought him home he was terribly malnourished, had a matted coat, and while loving he was very fearful. After a year or two of good old TLC he was a dog again.

Auggie is a terrier mix and approximately 10 years old now. He is great with people and has always got along well with our dachshund Cappuccino but gets aggressive towards any other dogs. I always assumed this was because of his background with other dogs and the situation he was taken out of. After attempting early on to introduce him to other dogs with no success I assumed he would never be a sociable dog. After watching your shows, I realized that no dog is beyond hope and I started working with my dog and our other dog to become the pack leader.

While it has been a lot of work and continuous efforts on everyone’s part he has come a long way. He no longer jumps up on people, he barks less when people come to the door, and he is getting better with other dogs. I was even able to take him to the dog park last week. I stood in the dog park in awe with 5 dogs off leash (including Auggie) remembering a time when I thought that would never be possible. Sometimes it’s hard to see the small steps he is taking but the family members who work with him less notice leaps and bounds of improvement. I feel so empowered to know that my dog is not a lost cause and that I can walk him with a pack and around other dogs. He is still not 100%, but through watching your shows and not giving up working with him I have truly become pack leader.

It gives me a renewed sense of love for my dog and the joy of being able to take him places with me reassures me that our last years together will be happy and loving years. I no longer feed his insecurities but rather treat him like a dog and in return have gotten a dog I didn’t think was possible out of him. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your skills and knowledge with the rest of the world. I really can’t say how much of a difference you have made without ever even meeting my dog. We are in the process of moving, but once we have a permanent home I would love to be a foster parent for the local shelter. I feel that using your techniques I can truly contribute to giving back some of the love my dogs show me daily. I only wish I had known 8 years ago what I know now.

Thank you Thank you from me and my pack!

Teen Ward
Colorado Springs, CO

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