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Summer's here and it's time to get into water

If you watch my TV show you will know that I use swimming with dogs as a rehabilitation technique. When I got the chance to do a photo shoot with famous underwater photographer, Seth Casteel, for Cesar’s Way, I dove right in! Even if you don’t know Seth’s name, you’ve probably seen his underwater photography of dogs.

What I really enjoyed talking about with Seth was how he started doing underwater photography of dogs. It was totally by accident, or maybe fate. You decide: Seth realized that dogs would have a better chance of being adopted if they had good portraits for adopters to look at. So one afternoon, while he was helping an animal shelter take photos of their dogs, a dog dove into the water and Seth just went in right after him and began shooting! Seth now goes around the country giving free workshops on dog photography for animal shelter volunteers. But it isn’t easy. Seth told me that when shooting underwater, there are so many variables that it can sometimes take 3,000 shots to get just the right one!

Seth and I had a fun afternoon in the pool with Junior and a game retriever named Bardot. We played fetch, marco polo (doggie style) and other diving games. Junior loves water games and is especially good at diving after balls. Before you try this with your dog, know that a dog can swallow too much water or become fatigued before you realize it. Monitor your dog closely and never leave him unattended. Make sure the dog knows and understands how to get out of the pool. See a gallery of some of the best photos below.

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