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100,000: Saving the stray dogs of Puerto Rico

This amazing documentary about the dogs of Puerto Rico needs to be seen. See our interview with the director Juan Agustín Márquez below. If you'd like to watch the whole documentary, you can email to receive a special private link. The film is available in Spanish, and or English subtitles.

Sign the Pledge below by sending an e-mail to We need 100,000 people to make the pledge and help the dogs of Puerto Rico.

The Pledge

Educate myself about dogs.
Adopt instead of buying.
Spay and neuter.
Integrate my dog with my family.
Vaccinate my dog.
Register my dog.
Bathe my dog.
Walk my dog every day.
Play with my dog.
Educate others.
Report dog abuse.
Help stray dogs.
Be the hero my dog thinks I am!

What is your favorite dog rescue and why? Tell us in the comments.

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