Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Territorial Chihuahua and a Floor-Fearing Giant

Season 1 | Episode 1 | NuNu and Kane

In this episode we meet NuNu the Chihuahua, an adorable, pint-sized hellion. Fiercely territorial, NuNu lets no one near his owner Tina, not even Tina’s housemate, Barclay, the one who convinced Tina to bring the dog home from the rescue shelter.

Tipping the scales at 160 lbs, Kane is NuNu’s total opposite. Huge, lanky and…afraid. Ever since taking a bad fall, Kane is afraid of shiny surfaces, such as linoleum floors—so afraid that Marina, his owner, has to bring a carpet with her to get him to enter the school where she works.

In both cases we learn the owners have been too passive with their dogs, allowing bad behaviors to grow. Cesar wins a battle of wills with NuNu and then teaches his owner Tina how to do the same. Under the calm, assertive guidance of Cesar, Kane overcomes his problem, and Marina and Emmett, her 13-year old son, delight in seeing their dog shed the fear he has carried inside him for so long.

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