Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Chew and Bark-Obsessed Mastiff and a Snapping Chihuahua

Season 1 | Episode 12 | Hank and Paris

Marsha Alexander has been rescuing animals for most of her life. Her newest project, Hank, a rescued Mastiff, had previously been seriously abused and neglected. A determined animal lover, Marsha has been slowly able to work with him, and there is no doubt he has come a long way. Unfortunately, window panes, door frames, walls, and anything else Hank can get his teeth on have been ruined. The furniture has been chewed to the point of it being worthless. In addition to all of this, Hank has no tolerance for people walking by his gate. The barking is incessant, intimidating and seemingly impossible for Marsha to control. She is worried that Hank will soon hurt someone and that she will have to have him put to sleep.

The name Paris seemed an obvious choice for Nelson Chang’s fashion conscious long haired Chihuahua. Paris’ many outfits have made him something of a celebrity on the streets of Hollywood. The clothes give him a magnetic quality, drawing admirers who come over to pick him up or pet him. However, Paris has been known to bark and even snap at these strangers. Also, the temperamental Paris often refuses to listen to Nelson, darting out into the street and refusing to come back. The behavior both worries and embarrasses his owner. Nelson hopes Cesar can help Paris handle the affection he receives from all of his fans on the street. Explaining Paris’ need to just be a dog, Cesar begins to move things back to the proper order, but must walk a fine line so that he doesn’t break Paris of his personality.

Paris and Hank both have the good fortune to be with people who love them. What they need is simply a little more direction to make sure the dogs don’t go off the deep end. Cesar’s instruction will hopefully turn these people into the perfect dog owners.

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