Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Dog-Aggressive Pup and a Neurotic Chinese Crested

Season 1 | Episode 2 | Opie and Flirt

Lumbering and affable Opie is like Dr. Jekyll’s Mr. Hyde. A charmer around people, he becomes frighteningly aggressive around other dogs. His owner, Suzanne Ohanesian is at the end of her rope. She loves her dog, but she may have to give him up if she cannot get this behavior under control. Opie not only gets violent, but he directs that violence back towards Suzanne—who nervously holds Opie’s leash with Band-Aid plastered hands.

Smaller than many cats, Flirt is anything but violent. But this Chinese Crested is a handful for owner Barbie Orr. Energetic to the point of neurotic, Flirt cannot sit still for one moment. He does not walk so much as bounce. Barbie has almost no control over her hyper pooch.

In both cases we see the behaviors that result when owners let their dogs lead them. We also see how dogs pick up on the energy of their owners; in the first case, nervousness and lack of confidence, in the second, overly energetic. But, whereas one of these owners is willing to work to solve the problem, another seems more interested in a quick fix. In this episode we learn that the Dog Whisperer can only really help those willing to help themselves.

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